Lightweight yet heavy duty (675kg) aluminium scaffolding reshaping the way you build. Versatile, safer and stronger scaffolding gives you the fortitude and stability you need to get the job done.

In response to the industry’s demands for better, safer and stronger scaffolding, we are proud to introduce AluSCAFF; a new all-purpose scaffolding system that is exceptionally light, resilient and transportable.

Tough enough to stand up to anything, yet flexible enough to suit any project, AluSCAFF saves you both time and money by reducing your outlay on transport, labour and maintenance, by providing you with strong, secure and easily portable platforms for all of your construction needs.

Manage your risk and secure the safety of your workers with our low upkeep, competitively priced scaffolding solutions that will serve your construction requirements.

With quicker assembly and unparalleled endurance when compared to other scaffolding systems, AluSCAFF is a multifaceted platforming solution with immense possibility.

  • Heavy duty doesn’t need to weigh a tonne.
  • Portable, lightweight and resilient, AluSCAFF is an innovative and cost-effective scaffolding solution that will revolutionise the way you build.
  • With a higher safety rating than equivalent steel scaffolding, reduce your workload, protect your workers and do things that you never thought were possible with AluSCAFF.

Delivery – Pick Up – Erection – Dismantle

For more information about Aluscaff please download the below PDF –

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